Agent Training Videos With Chris Davila

Agent Training Videos With Chris Davila

Learn to Ins and Outs of the Agent Experience in selling Medicare Advantage in an 8 part series with Chris Davila.


Welcome to the Kingdom Agent Training Series with Chris Davila. Join Chris as he introduces the training program and shares the reasons why you need these tools and tips to help you become successful in this business.

Getting Leads – Chapter 1

In Chapter 1 of the training series, Chris discusses the first step of the process with Kingdom’s no-cost lead generation program. He explains how important this cost savings is for Kingdom agents by exploring his expensive past while working with another agency. From there he explains how to target the right areas and demographic to achieve the best results.

Working the Leads – Chapter 2

Now that you have the leads, what’s next? In Chapter 2 of the program, Chris explains his process and best practices of how to effectively plan out and work the leads generated by Kingdom. This includes exploring his techniques on what to say and do with potential clients first contact to get you through the front door.

Client First Meeting – Chapter 3

Now that you are through the front door, what’s the next step? In Chapter 3 of the series, Chris will prepare you with what to do and say during your first sit down discussion with a potential new client. Here you’ll hear about things like the scope of appointment signed to performing initial fact finding to help determining right the plan.

Choosing the Right Plan – Chapter 4

Now that you have completed the initial part of your first client meeting and obtained the initial key requirements for their healthcare needs, the next step is to determine the right plan. In Chapter 4 of the series, Chris will explain his process of choosing the most beneficial plan for a client. This includes exploring the primary enrollment periods AEP, OEP and LIS. Plus, what to do when you’re not sure which is the right plan.

When Client Says No or Yes – Chapter 5

You’ve made it through the front door, found the best plan and presented that plan, it’s now decision time. In Chapter 5, Chris explains his process of what to do and say if a client either says no or yes at this point. The includes remembering key things to do before you leave their home that will help this meeting become successful either way.

Asking for Referrals – Chapter 6

This important yet simple step can increase your sales by 20, 30 even 40 percent. In Chapter 6, Chris shares his technique to encourage word-of-mouth referrals from happy clients that will have a big impact to your business.

 Renewals – Chapter 7

After all the hard work from finding to signing up new clients, comes a financial benefit: renewal checks. In chapter 7, Chris explains the entire process of renewals and how you continue getting paid month-after-month and year-after-year from doing each sign up.

Summary – Chapter 8

In this final training chapter with Chris, he explains how rewarding of a career this has been for him personally and how it can be for you as well. He finishes the chapter by discussing the process of using Kingdom’s support team to make your daily work life easier.