Agent Training Videos With Jeremy Hamilton

Agent Training Videos With Jeremy Hamilton

Learn to Ins and Outs of the Agent Experience in selling Medicare Advantage in an 8 part series with Jeremy Hamilton.


Welcome to the Kingdom Agent Training Series with Jeremy Hamilton. Join Jeremy as he introduces the training program, shares his more than 15 years of being a professional insurance agent, and details what agents can expect in the training program from beginning to end.

Getting Leads – Chapter 1

In Chapter 1 of the training series, Jeremy discusses Kingdom’s no-cost lead generation process. He explains what they are, how Kingdom will help you to get them, and the best way agents can benefit from them.

Working the Leads – Chapter 2

Now that you have the leads, what’s next? In Chapter 2 of the program Jeremy will explore the best way and practices to work the leads generated by Kingdom

Client First Meeting – Chapter 3

In the first meeting with a client, you’ll need to know what to do and say now that you are through the front door. In Chapter 3 of the series, Jeremy reviews the how and why of the process by going through the scope of appointment, determining prequalifying conditions, the prescription formulary, and understanding AEP and SEP election periods.

Choosing the Right Plan – Chapter 4

Now that you have completed the initial part of your first client meeting and obtained the initial key requirements for their healthcare needs the next step is to determine the right plan. In Chapter 4 of the series, Jeremy will explain the process of choosing the most beneficial plan for the client.

Asking for Referrals – Chapter 5

This simple yet important step will help you grow business while staying in compliance with the rules of Medicare. In Chapter 5, Jeremy shares the proper steps to encourage word-of-mouth recommendations after building a relationship with a happy client that will have a big impact to your business.

 Renewals – Chapter 6

The most beautiful part financially of being a Kingdom agent is renewals. With renewals, income continues to roll in month-after-month even when you are not working, which also allows for a flexible schedule and more time with friends and family. In Chapter 6 of the series, Jeremy explores this entire process of getting paid with a detailed explanation of how the renewal process works.

Summary – Chapter 7

In this final chapter of Jeremy’s training series, he revisits all the key points that will help you be successful in this business and explores how rewarding it can be as well. He finishes the chapter by discussing the process of using Kingdom’s support team to make your daily work life easier.